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Active Toner
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Active Facial Toner is specially formulated to treat combination to oily skin. The active toner nourishes, soothes and maximizes skin pH balance while completing the cleansing process. An excellent choice for facial treatment solution. Basic Skin Therapy. DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, apply a moderate amount to a cotton pad and wipe over entire face. Follow with a moisturizer. 

Product id: FT300
Net weight: 6 oz.
Made in U.S.A.
Cruelty Free

Basically, the reason you should use a toner is for its unique ability to purify and attract moisture to the skin. Toners complete the cleansing process because their special formulations remove any excess residue left from a less than complete rinsing after cleansing, ensuring also that any excess traces of oil or debris have also been removed. You may want to use a toner after using a scrub or a masque, as well. Toners are particularly wonderful at balancing your skin's pH which means that your skin is neither too acid or too alkaline, so it is revitalized as it becomes conditioned and softened. And there are many types of toners to choose from including those for oily skin, for dry skin, for sensitive skin and for mature skin. Each formulation will soothe and restore. In other words, using the proper toner for your skin needs will leave skin feeling refreshed and rebalanced, as well as completely clean. An now your skin is fully prepared to reap the full benefit of your favorite moisturizer.

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