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MEGA Minerals Cosmetics, "The Skin Care with Color". Beauty Tips

1) To cover large pores. after the minerals have been applied, spray face with THe Perfect Mist Moisture Spray, when most of the Perfect Mist has been absorbed, lightly tap with a flocked sponge in a stippling motion or wait a couple of minutes to air dry. Pores will disappear. The Perfect Mist Moisture Spray is a good substitute moisturizer for oily skin.

2) Try using a darker base as a contour or bronzer. This makes the skin come alive and also increases the sun protection. Try a lighter shade as a highlighter! Apply a darker mineral foundation or mineral bronzer to cheeks, forehead, shoulder, and decolletage or anywhere you want a touch of the sun or tanned look.

3) To customize your foundation shade, mix two shades by lightly touching your brush to each shade, then swirl the mixture inside the lid, and apply as usual. Tone down a shade by mixing a little Finishing Powder with it. The easiest way to mix is to spill a little product onto your foundation cap.

4) Make a tinted moisturizer...with a dollop size of your favorite facial moisturizer onto a clean container, tap a small amount of Mineral Makeup Loose Powder and mix together for a quick easy tinted moisturizer with sun protection. Try one shade darker than your usually shade. Smooth over entire face.

5) To set makeup for a long lasting matte finish; dust Mineral Finishing Powder over your foundation with a Kabuki Brush. You will love the silky feel on your skin. To control very oily skin or excess moisturized skin (perhaps following a microderm) try using the Finishing Powder as a pre-based and apply Mineral Foundation Loose Powder directly on top.

6) Convert Mineral Makeup Loose Powder to a cream or liquid foundation or concealer by mixing with your favorite moisturizer (for a creamy consistency). Mix powder and moisturizer proportionately to desired consistency. Mineral Loose Powder Concealer Polished works great as a concealer shade - apply with a concealer brush with synthetic bristles for best results!

7) Using the same shade as your overall foundation. Use a small shadow brush to help hide imperfections. Dot directly on problem spots with brush tip. Turn the brush in several different directions while tapping. Since the minerals are so light reflective, turning the brush will apply it so as to scatter the light even more, helping to call attention away from the area of concern.

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